Teckenspråk i Nepal

Teckenspråk i Nepal

Den generella uppfattningen i Nepal har varit att teckenspråket är dövas språk och inget som personer med hörselskada bör använda sig av. Personer med hörselskada har inte heller sett några fördelar med att använda teckenspråk. Runt 100 personer, majoriteten personer med hörselskada, har fått kunskaper i teckenspråk.

Medlem om teckenspråkskunskaper
”With learning Sign Language I feel I can use it with those who can understand Sign Language. I also had discussed with my family: since I don’t use hearing aids, they used me call and discuss with loud voice and people around me get disturbed. So they learned some signs from me. I teach them some words which is workable in having conversation with them. I feel Sign Language helped me to be socialised with my family to some extent”.

Studiecirklar om hörselmedvetenhet
NAHOH har arrangerat ett flertal studiecirklar för personer med hörselskada och dess familjer. Studiecirklarna har varit uppbyggda av svenska kortfilmer, som handlar om vad en hörselskada är och hur en kan hantera olika situationer i vardagslivet med en hörselskada. Filmerna utgör en bra grund för diskussion i grupp. Drygt 50 personer med hörselskada har genomfört studiecirkeln samt ett tiotal familjemedlemmar. 

Medlem om studiecirkel
”It has been few years since my hearing loss has been severe and I could not hear properly. Due to hearing problem I gradually stopped meeting people and participate in programs in locality and I was scared that if the people of my locality and friends would not treat me good like before. After I participated in the Study Circle program arranged by NAHOH in my locality, I come to know that there are numerous people lika me who never disclosed of being hard of hearing before. I learnt a lot from this program. I felt like I am confident as I used to be. Now, I think I also can counsel other people who are suffering like me. I can tell them it is a simply a problem which we can overcome with various ways”. 

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